Because of the Vocaloid boom, tons of merchandising and figurines have been made that includes...


PVC Scale Figures

The volks figure was the first one announced for Len during May, 2008, and the release date was November, 2008. The volks figure was sold alongside Rin's with a price of 10,290 yens (around 111 USD) it also comes with an extra hand. The volks website enlists this figure with a price of 10,000 Yens, and it is rather difficult to find nowadays. A review and more pictures of this figure can be found here.


GoodSmile's rendition on Len, this PVC figure is scale 1/8, released during June, 2009 and sold with a retail price of 5,800 Yens (Around 63 USD), special feature is that the shoulder keyboard can be removed. Goodsmile is known for their detailed work and this figure is not an exception, more photos and a review of this figure can be found here.



The nendoroid figures are SD (Super Deformed) figures made by Goodsmile. Len was announced in mid-2008. One of the special features about nendoroids are the various faces and items they come with. For Rin & Len's release, on one of these figures Goodsmile made a collaboration with Piapro and a contest started to select the third face to come with the nendoroids. In the end the winner for Len's face was the tsundere face, the normal face and singing face were the default ones. A blank face with some stickers of faces that were on the contest was added too. Len's nendoroid comes with an extra arm for his shoulder keyboard and 2 extra feet. It was released with a retail price of 3,000 Yens (around 33USD). It was announced to be released August-October but wasn't released until November-December 2008. A review and more photos for this nendoroid can be found here and here.


Nendoroid Puchis, or Nendoroid Petits, are smaller than normal nendoroids and usually have a variety of them in a package. Vocaloid NendoPetit #01 was announced for release on February, 2010, with a price of 5714 Yens (around 62 USD). Miku, Rin, Len, Meiko, Kaito, Luka, Haku, Neru, Sakine Meiko, Saihate Miku & Hachune (special) were included in it. For a review and more pictures go here.


Haven't had enough of nendoroids? FREEing released some vocaloid sitting nendoroids even smaller than the nendopuchi's, this time with little cars to ride (Scallion for Miku, Tuna for Luka, yellow Road Roller for Rin and orange Road Roller for Len). The release date was March, 2010, with a price of 1,400 Yens (around 15 USD) per Puchi.



MaxFactory is famous for making their figma's, which are articulable/movable figures. Len was announced around the same time as the nendoroid and was also released during Nov-Dec 2008 with a retail price of 2,500 Yens (around 27 USD). Len's figma comes with a group of hands (as any figma), 2 faces (mouth open and mouth closed) and his famous shoulder keyboard. A review and more pictures are here.



Gift Gift is especially famous for their plush dolls since they started doing the Touhou Project plush dolls. With Miku's plush release, a new plush series began called Nendoroid Plus, which are plush dolls based on their nendoroid counterparts. Len was announced around October and was released in December with a retail price of 3,675 Yens (Around 40 USD), more pictures here.




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