1. You must be a fan of Kagamine Len
2. You must have a valid e-mail adress.
3. Not names like 0.^BlAhYaDdA123^.0 put a decent name/nickname.
4. You don't need to have a website but if you do please remember to put the code BEFORE you have sent the join application so I can list your website. [Upload the codes to your own server]
5. (If you have a site) Your site must not be a hate/racism/porn site, if I find it inappropiate your website will not appear in the members list but you will be added.
6. If filling the field of "Favorite Song" please do so with romaji alphabet, as much as I would want it to be kana/kanji, it seems the enthusast script doesn't recognize it.

Now lelelet's go and Join!



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