• Len's 'official' item with his design is a keyboard. In English it's known as a Keytar, while in Japanese it's known as a Shoulder Keyboard (ショルダーキーボード). Being a Vocaloid made by YAMAHA, the model Len carries is a YAMAHA KX5

This one exactly

SD from the package

  • Out of popularity, Len's selected fan item was a banana, his hair is also often said to have a banana shape (or his necktie). Other possible items were a Pineapple and a Radish ...maybe.
  • A roadroller is a selected item too. Although the roadroller is mostly used with Rin it also seems to be an item from him. The RoadRoller meme originated from a video where Miku said a Roadroller would be a good item for Rin and that it would go "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYN" (Jojo's Bizarre adventure reference), in the end it was adopted by them both.



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