Seiyuu :: Asami Shimoda

Shimoda Asami is mostly known for her role on THE iDOLM@STER as Mami and Ami Futami, her roles can be found at ANN's website while her official website is located here. During Rin & Len's first anniversary, a collaboration was held on Piapro, Asami would sing the winning song of the collaboration and a CD would come out with various known songs. Asami herself chose the winning song after hearing all of the entries. The CD's name was Prism which was released on June, 2009 with a retail price of 3,000 Yens (Around 33 USD).

Also, 1:49, Len's voice←


Later on a teathrical play about the Aku no series was made and the CD with the soundtrack included covers for Aku no Musume, Aku no Meshitsukai, Regret Message and Twilight Plank [an extra song] sang by Asami herself, the CD was released during March, 2010, with a retail price of 2,000 Yens (Around 22 USD).




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